Family Owned

100% locally family owned and operated! The people that own the centre are also the people working in the centre, working directly with families and children, getting to know each one at a personal level. We constantly strive to give back and support the local community by providing the very best child care assistance.

Dedicated Education Leader
The role of the Educational Leader is to provide mentoring, support and guidance to the teaching team and educators within the service. This role is mandated by the Department of Education. At Discovery Tree, our Educational Leader works hard to build capacity across the service through observing, collaborating, reporting, planning, and inspiring. They are dedicated to this role and ensure enhanced programming and practice across the setting.
State of the Art Child Care Facility
Discovery Tree Early Learning Centre is a state-of-the-art facility which has been purposely built to maximise learning outcomes. The rooms have been designed to promote effective supervision of children at all times. The bright open plans encourage a warm and friendly environment and many safety features have been built into our service to minimise any potential harm or access of unauthorised persons.

Qualified staff

Many of our educators are Diploma trained and qualified, exceeding the minimum qualification requirements set out by the Department of Education. Our management team are also all Diploma Qualified. We only employ dedicated, passionate, and experienced staff who are committed to working with children.
We encourage quality partnerships with families, providing honest communication and quality feedback.

High-Quality Early Educational Programs

Discovery Tree recognises the early years as a time which can heavily influence the potential of a child’s future. Our Educational Leader is constantly working with our lead educators and teaching team to develop our curriculum to provide:

Everyone is Welcome at Discovery Tree!