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Our Philosophy

Our Child Care Centre Philosophy reflects our values and beliefs.

We are committed to providing an environment of continuity, to support all children’s transitions. Our pedagogy promotes kinder and school readiness, and we achieve positive learning outcomes by applying our knowledge and experience of how children learn and play, as well as incorporating the children’s voices into our curriculum.

At Discovery Tree, we understand the importance of education and believe that childhood is a special time of life which should be valued and enjoyed. We recognise that early childhood is a time when foundations are laid for future health, learning and wellbeing. To support this, each of our rooms align its practice to, ‘The Building Blocks of Social Development for Young Children,’ guiding children to learn as a part of a group by the time they reach our 4-year-old kinder program. This framework provides continuity of learning and supports transitions, as well as ensures our service has adapted our teaching and learning to align with the updated Early Years Learning Framework and its guiding principles and practices.

We believe children are capable, curious, and dynamic learners, crucial in supporting planning, documentation, and the curriculum. As educators, our primary duty is to support and scaffold children’s development and learning. Our educational approach emphasizes children’s freedom and learning through exploration, inquiry projects, and open-ended play. We value cultivating an inclusive, supportive, sustainable, and stimulating learning environment. This environment sparks imagination and creativity and offers ample opportunities for problem-solving and nurturing independence. Collaboration among children, educators, and families is a cornerstone of our philosophy. This collaborative approach enhances our understanding of the child as a holistic individual. We are committed to documenting the diverse experiences of children and making their learning visible within our community. This documentation allows children, staff, and families to reflect, share, and develop their understanding further through subsequent learning experiences.

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Our Goals

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