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The Early Years Learning Framework EYLF

The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) is a National Framework that guides educators in programming and planning for the children within the learning environment. Each week the educators develop an Educational Program, which reflects upon each of the learning outcomes defined by the EYLF, as well as incorporating the children’s interests, developmental needs, special events and family input. Additionally, we look for incidental teachable moments, and support children and families.

For further details on our curriculum, please feel free to make an appointment to speak with our Educational Leader or alternatively click this link for an overview of the EYLF.

Kindergarten Program

Discovery Tree Early Learning Centre hosts our 3-year-old kindergarten program. Meanwhile, our dedicated 4-year-old kindergarten campus is located directly across the road at Discovery Tree Kindergarten. Moreover, both programs are planned and delivered by a qualified early childhood teacher and reflect the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

In addition to our core programs of literacy, numeracy, emotional regulation and socialisation, we offer a range of enriching activities and experiences that cater to the diverse interests and developmental needs of our young learners. Our curriculum includes art, music, free play, and outdoor exploration, all designed to stimulate creativity, enhance physical coordination, and foster a deep connection with the natural world. By integrating these elements into our daily routines, we aim to create a holistic learning environment where children feel valued, inspired, and empowered to discover their unique potential.

At Discovery Tree, our passionate Kindergarten Teachers are committed to supporting your child to develop a love of learning that will be ensuring they are well-prepared for the exciting transition into school and their future educational endeavours.

Transition to School, School Readiness


The year before children transition to Primary School is crucial for many reasons. It is essential for children to start kindergarten with basic foundations for literacy and numeracy, including recognising and writing their name. Additionally, parts of our curriculum include visits to Primary Schools, buddy programs, and term 4 lunch boxes to expose children to primary school activities and learnings. Consequently, we are confident that children who participate in our kindergarten program will feel prepared for their first year of school as social, resilient, and independent individuals. This includes sharing, cooperating, looking after belongings, negotiating during conflicts, and concentrating on tasks.

Through a holistic approach to school readiness, we believe the children will be more prepared for school as they will have had time to develop the life skills necessary to aid in a smooth transition into their Primary School journey. Through our Kindergarten Program, we support and help prepare the children for the next step in their educational achievements.

Please click this link to review our Transition to School Parent Handbook, which has been created by our preschool teachers to give families an understanding of what our program covers, ideas on how they can extend the learning journey at home and provides resources to help parents confidently make the right schooling decision.

Daily Routines & Reflections

For this, we use a platform called Storypark, which provides all families with daily photos, videos, and written reflections. These reflections and snapshots provide an update of what children have been up to throughout the day, including meal times, sleep times, and nappy changes. Storypark also allows for family input and access to our curriculum and children’s learning stories.

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