Join our Kindergarten Program in Clayton South

Discovery Tree Early Learning Centre located in Clayton South provide Kindergarten Programs for 3 and 4 year children.

Our 4 year old Kindergarten program is planned and delivered by a qualified early childhood teacher and has its own dedicated campus located directly opposite to the main building.

All of our programs are built upon and reflect the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

Our passionate Kindergarten Teachers are committed to supporting your child to develop a love of learning that will help prepare them for future learning as they transition into their school life.

Transition to School (School Readiness)

The year before children transition to Primary School is crucial for so many reasons. It is important for children to start Kindergarten with the basic foundations for literacy and numeracy, including how to recognise their name and possibly even write it.  To be able to possibly recognise numerals and count with meaning.  We are confident that the children who participate in our Kindergarten Program will feel confident as they start their first year of school as social, confident, resilient, independent children.  This includes being able to share, co-operate in a variety of situations, look after their belongings, negotiate with peers during conflict situations and concentrate on a task for long periods of time.

Through a holistic approach to school readiness we believe the children will be more prepared for school as they will have had time to develop the life skills necessary to aid for a smooth transition into their Primary School journey.  Through our Kindergarten Program, we support and help prepare the children for the next step in their educational achievements.

Please click this link to review our Transition to School Parent Handbook, which has been created by our preschool teachers to give families an understanding of what our program covers, ideas on how they can extend the learning journey at home and provides resources to help parents confidently make the right schooling decision.

Children’s Journals

The children’s learning and development is recorded digitally through ongoing documentation, which we currently store on their individual USB drive. Throughout the year educators observe each child’s development and interests, and document them through individual observations, special events, intentional teaching and photographs throughout the year.

Daily Diary

Each day, every room compiles a diary of the daily events/activities that the children have taken part in, through documentation and their involvement in the educational program. We incorporate the 5 Learning Outcomes as well as any spontaneous play and parent/teacher initiated experiences. This is provided in a digital presentation, which contains digital photos, learning stories and special events that are emailed to parents each day and displayed on the screen located in each room.